Paroles de Hold Me

Feeling so tired, but I'll find my way
I cannot come home, where will I stay
But I'm tired of this unhappiness
I've been given love and given health
Don't know anyone luckier than myself
All the past loves and the regrets
As the bad times fade
Let only the good ones adhere to you memories
And your thoughts of me
Your beautiful in many ways
Watching as you rant and rave
I got so tired so I turned the page
As the bad breaks heal and the scars will fade
Sometimes years it takes through this time of pain
As the last loves fade with your memories
And with all regrets I think of you again
One day your old meet your rocking chair
And you ask yourself what have I done and why am I here
Hold me, hold me a bit longer
You're everything I'm looking for tonight
And still I miss you and I cannot sleep
Watching you go girl rips my insides out
And tear me apart
Don't let go of me tonight
Hold me, hold me a bit longer
You're everything what beautiful looks like