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What Is Wrong With You Tonight Paroles

Zoli Band

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Paroles de What Is Wrong With You Tonight

Watching my life just roll on by
Trying to make the best out of my days
I want to know if you're feeling alright
I wonder if for sure I don't ever like to fight
I just want to know what's inside your head
Watching my time just slip on by
She makes me want to die
She puts me through the rings
I get so tired of fights
She's underneath my skin
Now I abide by myself
I awake to a sad but clean head
I washed my hands of the enemy
I should have taken moms advice
I didn't pay no, never mind
I cannot believe that she was right
What the hell is wrong with you I cant say or do
Can't seem the find the words anymore
I wonder where you'll sleep tonight
Why you always want to fight
What's inside your head crazy girl
And I feel just like I'm being used
Its sad but she comes with a price tag too
I will not say, I cannot go for long
Well I find myself all alone again
Too far between, I‘ve lost all my friends
An hour later and a couple dollars short