Wonder Paroles



Paroles de Wonder

Will I be the greatest?
Are we alone?
How painful is death?
Will I be scared?
Is it like sleeping?
Close my eyes, never wakin' up
Star Trek dreaming
Will I ever get to see spaceships fly?
Just high thinking
But we never know how it could go or it could be
Thought my love would last forever when I was with Destiny
We was young, now I wonder if she even think of me
I was dumb, fuck it, I just hit the weed and change the speed
What about aliens?
What about AI, robots, whole world 'bout to get dangerous?
Will I die, will I survive to see some' stranger?
Think I'm overthinking angels
My mind on Venus, can stop ringing

As I wonder
And I wonder
And I wonder
And I wonder

When the whole sea dry up On the edge, pushed me too much, yeah
Pick our roads and go with the motions
They losing and focused
I knew what I wanted
Still cried in the focus
I didn't think they notice
Tears in my eye, in the end they turn into pride
Know my momma tired, wanna put her in a crib one day
Makes sure that she good, she straight, then I get out the way
Feed my hood, I show them love, then I get out the way
Close my eyes and I see my world how I want it to be
In my mind's eyes, in my fucking lifetime
Will I see the towns an cities turn into skylines?
Will I be the one to say that it's not the right time?
But whenever is ever, I hope it's on my mind

As I wonder
And I wonder
And I wonder
And I wonder