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Album The Golden Age

Paroles de The Other Side

I heard a whisper on my shoulder,
Pretending life is worth the fight
Can you hear the song of thunder
When fears try on the soldiers blide.
And on the surface of the waters
We danced reflexions of the fire in the night.

I remember reaching from towers
The face is smiling in the light
I remember the bells to flowers,
These days I’m dying in the dark.
I was shaped for the feuel, now I pay the price
Of the human nature’s lies.
I was promised a glorious ending of the night
But the crown is out of sight.

And so I drifted into sun ray
Cause I have lost the force to fight.
It’s like a cold thing on my shoulder
Seeing on the other side.
And in the arms of endless endour,
The end of story of a story in the tide.