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I Love You Like A Madman Paroles

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Album Instant Coffee Baby

Paroles de I Love You Like A Madman

If I made it through Christmas without smoking
'Til your parents went to bed
If you made it through too
Without sticking your nail scissors in my neck
I'll buy you bras instead of pickled eggs
Chocolate instead of chutney
Good red wine instead of bad red wine
Next time I remember your birthday

I ate peaches straight from the can
The juice ran down my tongue
Over my lip
Slipped down my chin
Dripped onto your parents' carpet

The air in here is dead
But we're not finished yet
Throw the back door open
Let me see your breath

I love you like a madman
I miss you all the time
I wait for the morning
I will wait all night

I mixed rum and coke and lemonade Of the tiles and the tables
You didn't sit up waiting
But somehow slept sober