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High Noon Paroles

Val Emmich

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Paroles de High Noon

High noon
Your bullets come
I taste disaster on your tongue
I can't explain what you've done
This little crush weighs a ton
Ok yeah you won

You're the feeling I'm after
You're pounding me in my chest
What's that deafening laughter?
Oh I know I know I know
Darling you are my master
Hope you seeing my s.o.s.
Can we move any faster?
Oh I know I know I know

One move and I will scream
Things are much worse then they seem
My hands are holding on
But I fear I can't hold on long
No I'm not that strong


This is real You are, the only one
Ok ok you won
I am barely holding on
Ok ok you won
You are, the only one

Chorus 2x