Paroles de Catalyst

Call up Caitlyn to kill the calm.
She comes quick, I'm covered in cologne.
Cue up Cat Stevens and Karen O.
Climb on the couch, concede control.

I need a catalyst,
The counter culture craze.
A little cannabis,
A nice cotton haze.
I've been counting sheep,
It's the common way.
You can count me in (out),
Call the cavalcade.

I'm callous, complacent, caught in a rut.
Time to change things and mix it up.
Simple solutions seldom save
A psychosomatic cynic slave.

Come Saturday
I'm sullen and sane.
It's a slow decay.
I'll be a skeleton,
It's hard to celebrate I will reemerge, yes I will float.

I'm tremblin' like a symphony.
This quiet breeze begins to scream.
I see ahead a chance to breathe.
I'll start again, it's what I need.
I'll start again, new and clean.
I'll start again, honestly.

Time to change things and mix it up.