The Way I Feel cover

Burning Bridges Paroles

Remy Shand

Album The Way I Feel

Paroles de Burning Bridges

Another time, another space
mak my words i cna't fake another day of sadness
my hear's been taken whole
and this dream is getting old
yet i'm searching every part of me, baby
the tabled turned, that's for sure
guilt and honor have crossed into what's left for holdin' on
you know things are getting hard
when we see them as they are
can't those qualities remain the same?

woman, feeling good about the choice i made
in so deep there ain't no judgement day
if there was i think i'd be okay

woman, please release me from your hold tonight
burning bridges in the morning light
i'm just heavy on this city life

oh i tried to tell you
but it's too late to find out
hanging on the back of my will
waiting for the moment to be sitll

save your problems baby keepin' it complicated
for when you wanna turn the day in
and i just wanna turn the day around
i know it hurts a lot
but i gave what i got
now i'll be gettin' on ym way

repeat chorus

tried so hard to love you but i keep on runnin'
burning bridges in the morning light, morning light