Paroles de ICU

I wake up some mornings
thank God not as often as I used to
slow and heavy from dreams with you
you've found a way back in
once again my long lost friend
funny to see that after all these years*I miss you the same

So I drag myself to the corner café
and for a second I see you there
like in the good old days
and I wonder what you're doing ?
what are you up to these days ?
I sometimes wish you would call me
buth then I wouldn't know what to say

and I see you, in every cab that goes by, in the strangers at every cross road, in every bar (bis)

it takes a glass or two
for it to settle down
for your shadows to stop following me
I find myself walking back
to all the places we knew
dreaming and wishing
to somehow run into you
and I see you....

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