Paroles de Coppers!

thats right, hide behind your badge. you'll give any reason as an excuse for murder. shoot first,who needs an answer. take them down one by one, soon enough you'll win your race against (the races). the cycle repeats again and again. shoot everything that you scares day it wont be so easy to send another off in a casket. one day you will stand for your actions. one day it will stop. one day we wont have to live in fear of a bullet with our name on it.

adam-If you want justice, then take back the justice, no peace. No more.

cory-eyes open wide cant run or hide, lay down and die, fight their ever growing lies.

ryan-this is not a call for revolution...this is not a solution....this is only an attempt to Keep this in our heads.....after so many shots your still a threat?......there's one more dead

dan-how can you do this? gotta keep giving them want they want,gotta give them the boot...its not you i hate its your fucking (human) race.someone who is handcuffed does not deserve to be shot 14 times,i dont care if he was on drugs or if he had a knife its unfuckingcalled are people dont have the right,you fuck.