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Say Something Paroles

The Kodan Armada

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Paroles de Say Something

brent-you say 'what a beautiful face', i say 'if you like it so much, just cut it off and keep it for yourself'. im tired of this look, this face, myself. no matter what i do, i always find myself staring at myself. i don't need that anymore.i try to find the love for myself, but i look in all the wrong mirrors. nothing is what i want to see. forced images, distorted views. i don't want to be who i am, i just want to be what you love and i hope you see through me...say something!

adam-The odds are stacked against us. Motivated by my own desire. You only get one chance...so scream itloud. Say something while you can.

cory-cryptic tounges tied too tight too speak, failure wrecks the lives of those too weak, the time is now the place is here, let go of everything you fear...say something!
ryan-i guess il pick a new direction...this isnt what i thought it was..its hard to remember when you never stop moving.....il catch the next one.....but thanks for asking...say something!!!

dan-We know that youre watching us,we know that your judging us,we know that your dying just like us,so what the fuck? you have something to say? well you have your chance right now.what would you do,what would you say?what would you do today? i wanna Know,did you live it up? i wanna know..did you make love or did you fuck her, did you do everything that you wanted to, did you make love or did you fuck her?did you take the half or the whole? i want to know,this is your fucking life now. these things are Hazy,Knda shitty sometimes,but we gotta live it up,gotta do what the fuck we wanna do cause this is our lives,what do we have to lose?Heres your chance,just fucking say,say something,say anything,say something!