Paroles de Outro

Late nights spent staring at darkness,
lonely moments from sleep wondering if i die tomorrow would i go happily?
Would the time spent with you and the time spent with him be worth it?
Or the time spent withdrawn be well used?
Or the people that have loved me feel i gave them an adequate reason enough to love and
i be sure that i loved the right people?
Would i feel the few things ive done be worth it and would
i wonder if i could have done more?

Down by the train tracks talking for hours,
days about nothing in particular just talking by ourselves,
helping us forget that one day we will have to return to real life,
to resume our dead end jobs, continue our failing quest for happiness.
Did i tell the people mean most to me the 3 most meaningful words in the english language or
did i choose cowardism just by chance,
Before those people left where they were going?

Did i have an impact on the world and the people around me or
did every word i spoke come out verbal and unintelligible?
Or the lates night spent with friends talking about god, death, society, and
everything else that plagued our minds worth ever minute every breathe?

Did the words i cant i wont just wait i dont spoke so often that they broke me or
was it broken long before these words even came to me...
they are around me and in my thoughts.
every beat of my heart,
every sound that was wasted on me,
every beautiful thing that was exposed to me,
every good day, every bad day, was it worth it?

I tried so hard.
I tried so hard.
But was it worth it?
Was it worth it?