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Nowhere Paroles


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Paroles de Nowhere

[Music: Escaño. Lyrics: Demise / Nissen]

Does it bother you?
You saw his face, his eyes were full of pain
His prayers were in vain
His dreams were drowned in a sea of exhaustion

Don't think you'll find him,
all the hope is lost
You will never see his face
'cause his soul is nowhere

Could you see them
getting ready to leave all and sail?
Looking for a chance
They only wanted to escape from misery

You have seen something,
but the fog is dense
Don't try to find them,
'cause you'll end up nowhere

You'll need all your strength because the storm is over you
The only thing you can do now is try to close your eyes and go nowhere

Nowhere, no life, nowhere But there is nobody
Their voices died in a tide of indifference

You're still searching,
looking at the fog
If you find them,
you'll be approaching nowhere

Nowhere, no life, nowhere
Nowhere, think why, nowhere