Paroles de Today

Awake today, a wicked disease
All you ever had offered me was a little day and a lot of night
but I dont care now, you are on my mind
but always, you always say that, who else will hear that?
somehow I know to stay back
all in all a piece of me was lost
where fate is a lesson claimed
I'm yours I'm not falling for that again I'm afraid you lie all the time

I love you today
I'm holding you back with constant reminders of where you're at
If you love me today, youre holding me back
I guess it's time you let me go

Unlike today the chances are it's the shortest straw I swear
so hold on tight or it wont let you let go of me
that I could say who knows, who cares who you think you are
cuz we all say, I love and I've loved all in vain

and I tried to let you know the way, that fate passes over
I long to let you know it was today that was infected with you all the time

I dont know where we go from here
oh no, all I know is I dont want you here today