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Two-Fisted Mama Paroles

Katie Webster

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Paroles de Two-Fisted Mama

i'm a 2 fisted mama you better watch out for me
i'm gonna rock you rboogie woogie
i'm gonna shake your keys
i'm a 2 fisted mama just you wait and see
dont' try and cut me or give me no mess
cuz i've messed up the best
i'm a 2 fisted mama
ain't like all the rest

i learned how to boogie woogie
when i was just a child
i playin that texas shiffle
used to drive my mother wild
she said plyin blues piano wasn't proper for a girl but hese 2 fists of mine
took me all over the world
i taught this old piano how to shake rattle and roll
i took the blues from houston texas and gave the world my soul
i'm a 2 fisted mama you just grab a hold