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Well, Well, Well (feat. The L.O.X.) Paroles


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Paroles de Well, Well, Well (feat. The L.O.X.)

Intro: Jadakiss (with Chorus in the background)

Yeah yeah, Dinero, Kasino, Sheek Luch, Jadakiss, L-O-X, Genovesee

Chorus: Jadakiss (2X)

Just making out way in the world today

takes everything we got

Being involved with all this money

sure do help a lot

Verse One: Styles Paniro

And only Allah, will I fear when I'm here

cuz even if I die I'ma be deeper where I stare

That's either the ground or in the air do you hear?

and if you don't dog let me make myself clear

My attitude towards you, I feel I oughtta to sword you

I'm in the whip, playing your shit, I fast forward you


It ain't no money now like it used to be back in them days

stark blue 840 Convert. with the MKs

Two-for-Five come free honeys try to pimp Jay

but I just kick 'em to the curb like a Sensei

Flow been here ever since the Rakim days

ask Maria how I blew it down mad Wednesdays

Now you feel me in your body like Ben Gay

fuck what your mens say, them niggaz can't offend Jay

Sheek Luchion:

How many niggaz that you know

can go solo

And sell three...million and recoup

each 9 for the group

L.O.X. melt tracks like choc-o-la-te

like M&M's let that Phillippino bite my body

I can't sleep but not over no chick like Kelly

constantly the ATF taps my celly

Butterflies in my belly, got me 'bout to flee to Brazil

underwater, submarine style like Lauryn Hill we chill

'Ready or Not' couldn't find another style like mine-a

L.O.X. the Dream Team you'll get dunked on China

Reminder nigga, we the real McCoys

with a little twist of pumping crack, quick to bust your warriors

Plus we keep our b-b-b-bones

up in your main bitch when you don't be home


Scared money don't make money

I got courage I take money, God don't like ugly

But he got to love hungry, I do things to change

the small change for the Range when I see Him I'll explain

I know the price, I went from playing dice for dollars

to "Give it up dog" cuz I'd rather steal than borrow

Keep enough ice on the big and little hands of the Movado

the time stays froze, that's my motto

One in a million people wins the Lotto

But give any dick access to the bricks

he'll learn how to flip

I treat my ones like a trick

when she acts up somebody gots to get fucked to double what I spent

And I admit, I done a lot of bad things to get where I'm at

but I always came back

Chorus (4X)