Paroles de Diversions

Pick the clothes from the floor and take the trash out
Please don't dwell on what you know is in store
Wipe the kitchen counter dry, and most important, keep your hands and fingers occupied

On the days when faith is low and loneliness is creeping, I'm aware that I can go at any time
Run the fibers through your hair, spend all of your money
New diversions don't suffice, but they can try

For a month, I couldn't help but notice I was happy
For a month, I didn't care that you had gone

Month-long vacation from leftover parties, now all our lives are on pause
Back to the problems that I had forgotten, back to the way it was

Coming home to old-school friendships changes the dynamic
Boyfriends and new schedules leave no time for me
Sad to say, it looks like the end of an era
Always starting over with a brand new scene