Bury The Hatchet cover

Paranoid Paroles

Jay Jay Johanson

Album Bury The Hatchet

Paroles de Paranoid

I don't think you really love me anymore
You say you do, but it doesn't feel quite like before
You're getting easily angry and I don't wanna fight
Oh no, but something doesn't feel right
You don't answer the mails I send to you
And you're not calling back like you said you'd do
Nowadays you hang out with your friends at night
Nothing wrong with that, I should trust in you forever
And I'm just paranoid, paranoid
You're not coming home directly after work
Just sneak in softly through the front door in the dark
Feels like a long time since I saw you lit the light
Oh no, something doesn't feel right
You seem so thrilled when you mention a new friend of yours
How he's sweet, funny and smarter than me, of course
And you're laughing with him when I'm out of sight
It's okay by me, but something doesn't feel right
I"m sorry, I have to stop with these false accusations
I'm being paranoid, paranoid
I'm sorry, I guess I'm probably scared of being lonely
And I'm just paranoid
I hear the ghosts, they whisper secrets in my ear
Saying dirty things I just don't wanna hear
I can't believe it's true, I sell them to be quiet
Oh no, but something doesn't feel right