Paroles de Robot Boy

On the first day it started to rain
Children were laughing and went out to play
But soon all the streets were rivers and streams
Creatures were trickling in front the deep
Cars floating like ships over skyscraper tips
The tallest of trees swaying like seaweed

Aluminum and paperclips
Refrigerator parts and microchips
A rudimentary robot boy
A heart of rubber bands and plastic toys
Just before dusk afraid he might rust
He climbed abroad an upside down bus
With bottle cap eyes he soon realized
That nobody else but he has survived
Sifting through debris of kindred machines
Drifting through a graveyard of sunken cities

For thirty nights with no land in sight
He never was hungry nor lonesome or tired
His mechanical brain could not go insane
His metallic skin could never feel pain
The whales gathered round with sibilant sound
They told him about the only way out Made of tin cans and lace
Aluminum and balloon lips
Refrigerator parts and cardboard hips
A rudimentary robot girl
A heart of rubber bands
And plastic pearls