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Paroles de Watch The World

I watched the smoke
as it grew darker
and blew up through the roof
I watched the fad
who sobbed in panic
as the fire grew
I saw Virginia
get rid of langly, and it's secrets too
I held your hand
and sat there knowing
that we'd make it through
I saw this man
dispose of hunger
and soap opera too
I saw this field
that grew perfection
full of things you do
I saw this box
get rid of heartache
and cure cancer too
when I awoke
I sat there hoping
this is what we'll do
if we can
we will leave our letter and this song, for you
we'll write, once a day and float it through the sea, to you
we'll regret, all those things we thought of but didn't ever do
when the sky, seems to clear
who will then be left, but a few, me and you