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Paroles de Hole In My Heart

There's a hole where my heart should be
And baby only you can fill this emptiness in me
There's a hole where my heart should be
So baby wrap it up, pack it up
Bring your lovin' back to me
Everytime that we´re apart
I close my eyes and I
I can't help think of you
But girl unless you're in my arms
It's just not feeling right
The telephone won´t do

The space is killing me
It just won't let me be
And just the thought of you girl
Can make me weak
I feel so incomplete

I'm looking at your photograph
I dream I'm holding you
I dream I'm kissing you
But girl your picture never kisses back
It's just not good enough
I need your human touch
I feel so incomplete

[CHORUS x 2]

Girl I'm a million miles from heaven
'cause heaven is wherever you are
I need you to feel alive again oh