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Publicity Seeking Rockers Paroles

The Ark

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Paroles de Publicity Seeking Rockers

Publicity seeking rockers
What are they up to today?
Publicity seeking rockers
Will they claim that they are gay?
Some works had true potential
- They could pin us to the floor!
But all that rabble-rousing razzmatazz...
We've seen it all before!

I've been stunned, I've been shunned
And I haven't seen the sun for a long, long time
-When will I see it again?

I've been lost, I've been tossed
I've been paying a quite considerable cost for my brief moment of fame

But now I'm up and ready again
Another fifteen minutes of shame
To be used and produced

Publicity seeking rockers
They used to be regular blokes...
Publicity seeking rockers
Now they say they're hooked on coke
Some shows were worth attending
They could kill us with a song! I've been 'round and about
I've been a teenage shout until it got outta hand

I've been slabbed, I've been stabbed
I've been recently half-heartedly rehabed
It's time to start up the band!

And I will look a new kind of man
With a leather-clad bullshitter band
To abuse, and confuse...
Publicity seeking rockers
Publicity seeking rockers
Say have they lost all their nerve?
Publicity seeking rockers
Will they get what they deserve?
Some words had truthful vengeance
Then the ceiling flew away
But all that rabble-rousing razzmatazz...
Can't someone make them go away?