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K.O.S. Paroles

Yo Yo Ma

Album Planet Of The Shapes

Paroles de K.O.S.

Knowledge over swag....

Knowledge over swag
Knowledge over swag
(knowledge) knowledge over swag
Im a brilliant idiot, not a savant...but i got what you want
Scribbling frivolous shit with the wittiest idioms zippin around in my noggin
A wanderer hop in the pond, no dont ask for it
I got scholars all in my task force, sharp confidants, no trap lords
We tutor kids and give tutelage because school districts ain't studious
Term k and ac, we ain't new to this. we allude to wits in our pseudonyms
Too sophiscated, risque with a pistol aimed at my nucleus
A futurist, computer chips and my noodle, it's the whole kit and kaboodle bitch!
Im a mensa member with a pencil pressed on the page
I possess an aggressive temper, no stress or pressure playing chess and checkers
Represent the midwest sect forever its..
Term knowledge and acumentality
Turning rap into cash if you need that vernacular knack, this academy grad will be happy to add to his salary
But stupidity's the new wisdom and if wisdom is dumb then i'm a dunce
My wits are dim and thats fine for once, just a winsome loser in line for lunch (uh)
Drink it time for trust...turn your mind to mush when i spike the punch
Im an ignoramus, won't quit the game til we rich and famous so ride with us!

Knowledge over swag
Knowledge over swag These square MCs be equal to E
Jot rhymes til the pencil broke, had a minor psychotic episode
But im fine now...the mind is a flower
Gotta let it grow, sunshine and showers til it towers above
Climb it and jump, spiraling downward in my book, why put knowledge over swag? (whats up with that?)
When the hearsay that i hear say that college holds you back
Diplomas, degrees, dont nobody need em
A phony genius with a stolen thesis
A broke elitist get blown to pieces
Matter of fact you could use a clue, soon to be having delusions of grandeur
Cause the answer is truth, your grammar could use some improvements too
Such a brilliant wordsmith for the critics to worship
But if the shit isnt perfect consider it worthless
Conquering a feat been deemed impossible
To keep the people nodding to the beat, you often need be leaping obstacles
So please proceed with caution, bong hits leave me on the couch
Counting sheep, im far from sleep, been long since peaked then petered out

Knowledge over swag
Knowledge over swag
(knowledge) knowledge over swag