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People In Traffic Paroles

The rhythm junks

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Paroles de People In Traffic

People in traffic
It's not a keen sight,
And we're in the middle
Travelin' light

If the traffic train jams
You must look around
It's a weird old movie
And we make the sound

Cars on the highway
Nailed to the road
And people gettin' nervous
Like on a sinking boat
Alone in their wagons
Alone on their trips
Acting like sleepers
Cows get more kicks
Once they start movin'
Don't think they'll relive
Their anger is risin'
And they're ready to twist
For less than an inch
Or less than a hair
Their looks could lynch you
So full of despair Travelin' light
Fighting our laugh kicks
Seven in one car
Bass, snare and horns
And I play my space guitar