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I'll Pay For It Paroles

Young Fella

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Paroles de I'll Pay For It

Young fella :
all my ballers and ballets put ya hands in the air right now if you a diamond ballet please mama report to the dance floor young fella i gotta tell you what i'll do

i'll pay for it (x4)
yea, i got cash she got ass i got bank ok so what you think
i'll pay for it {x4}
ya nails done and uh your hair done and uh you look good and uh i want some

i'll pay for it {x4)

verse 1

yeah young fella ok i got em groovin
on the dance flooor you lookin at her booty
yea you feelin on her coochie
fuck rated r this an x-rated movie
mommy got body without flaws
her short mini skirt with out drawles
mommy i hit it to church without walls
its your call mommy so whats ya price
i got toys mommy like fisher price
a nasty nigga mommy i'll use the ice
i got a 12 inch tounge for handling broads
i keep them wet from saliva i'll loosen a bra
but you gotta take a ride with me in my car verse 2

in the club with all my friends
lookin for the right nigga thats goin to spend
gotta get my cash gotta get my dough
big money niggas already know ( they know )
nails done feet done thats me ( uh-hun)
prada gucci louis (uh louis)
young fella tell 'em how its gon be (x2)


verse 3

a big spender yeah i spend my check
if that head hit right it give me chills in my neck
i'll share mines mommy i was taught to take necks
it's a choo-choo mommy me and my execs
a rainbow colors is what they call ex
meet me at ya next i'll show you what it is
ballers that perscribe you can call it e-pills (e-pills)
i'm feelin on ya hips it feel good dont it (dont it )
put a sprang in ya kat and jump on it
squeeze ya muscles together and squeeze up on it
my pockets deeper than deep i'll pay if i want it
i say my pockstes deeper than deep i'll pay if i want it cuz


ladies he can look he can grab he can touch he can feel but he gotta pay for it

fellas you know what i say get money get cash on the block everyday

na you know what i say

put one hand up back it on up put one hand up back it on up look back mama look forward see this money in my hand i'll pay for it
until fade

(Thanks to Shira for these lyrics)