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Paroles de Lies

You lift your whip to kill our will

You smash us sore and we crush our souls

You pierce our flesh and yet we curse ourselves
You torture us to tears

But it's our thoughts we fear

Twist that spike into my arm

Then pour your rage onto my heart

Kill the oblivious part of me, show me all the hate you feel

Only you into your eyes

Your heart so full of shit and lies

You're poisoning our minds

We used to have a past

But it got lost in noise

Our future cannot last

Cos you have drowned our voice

Sensorial deprivation

A culture trapped in lies

Our penance's well deserved

Cos we all decided

to close our eyes!

You're poisoning our minds

with all your vicious lies

You're poisoning our minds...

I try to overcome my fear

but nothing anymore is real

if the truths i need are lies

how can I hold on to life?