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Nothing Left To Lose Paroles

Woe, Is Me

Album Genesi[s]

Paroles de Nothing Left To Lose

Did you honestly think for a second we played our final song?
In spite of those who disagree, you know it feels damn good to prove you wrong!
Singing oh whoa, we did it somehow
And oh whoa, it’s our turn now
We’ll shut you down; you’ll drown like the rest of them
Need I remind you?
That you’re up against the best of them!

So let me promise you this
With ignorance as your bliss, your name won’t ever be missed when we are through with this
I’ll be the thought that’s in the back of your head
We’ll be the monsters hiding under your bed
I’ll make you pay for all the things that you said
Use your own line to cut off your fucking head!

I thought I told you once that you reap what you sow
But I guess this time around I’ll say I told you so
Now that was clever
But let me make this clear
We are coming for you
We are coming for you!

Tell me why
They painted us with guilt
They said that we’re not good enough
The only thing we’re guilty of is never giving up So keep singing!
Take a second glance and put yourself into these shoes
We got a second chance and we’ve got nothing left to lose