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Peace Of Mind Paroles

While She Sleeps

Album Self Hell

Paroles de Peace Of Mind

Are you afraid of the
Windows shut
Best of luck
Legal drugs
Wait for us. Wake me up
I've been searching for
In the masquerade I'm bored of the linear

The reason is often inferior
The origin nothing but build-up
I speak from experience even if glass half-full equals you're empty-handed in the eyes of our establishment
Stuck in the wrong place with the right mind should I feel like I'm knocking for are you there?
I need a confession before I can sin again
I can do anything, you can do anything
Better to face enemies for the benefit

Body and mind
Souls declined
Everything that we inherit is relative
Frequency by design
We can find peace of mind

Will we find peace in time?
Are you afraid of the—?