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Turning Piss Into Gold Paroles

Unearthly Trance

Album In The Red

Paroles de Turning Piss Into Gold

[words: Rion Lipynsky]

Feeling like a rusted machine on a virgin planet
Sold my whore to the religious
Bought my horns from america
Vacation from life, distance from self
Vacuum in the blue room
Disasters are my specialty
I never saw a bird fly so fast away....
....too bad my gun was sleeping
Trees are falling down like sleaze on the streets
Hell is where the drugs are (heaven is where the rich are)
In time revelation's will rape understanding
Slivering like the serpent and sinful as the metallic goat
Am I the golden secret? Is silver behind me?
Look at your god run like a coward!
Believe me when I say Id kill you before me
Come to the roasting of the language
Cheers to the end of speech
Burn my filthy dollar, Freedom persuaded with heat
You haven't lived until you've seen a dog in church
and when I sell you a cult you best pay me in drinks
or the box of truth..
You haven't lived until you've burned a flag on booze!