Paroles de Vacation

I might need me some ventilation, a little vacation
Californication, might redefine new renovations
Space coupe, back out of the space station
Float around town, do that on the daily

How I'm supposed to feel safe, twelve live adjacent (twelve)
Yeah, crib built like a prison where that bitch is gated (yeah)
Yeah, spendin' all my time up there getting faded (it's lit)
Yeah, handin' out that E! to the Entertainment (alright)
Yeah, you know I'm the saddest poppin' and it's dangerous (pop it, pop it)
Ridin' through the clouds, we goin' through the vapors (phew, phew)
I'm just tryin' to get that paper, stayin' out the papers (skrt, skrt)
It ain't easily done, it ain't easy (yeah)
Pop a seal like it's Chris, make it look Breezy (it's lit)
Wedding bands on my fist, it is freezing (straight up, freeze)
Throw them bands, get a kiss, then she leave me (smash, smash)
I just want the peace, it's still Lambo over Mercedez (yeah, skrrt, skrrt)
Just built the Astroworld playground to play with my baby, yeah (my baby)
Had a few pop singers, anyone could be yo' mama (uh, yeah)
Had some real conversations with my nigga, Bill, about Congress, yeah (straight up)
We at the fest, come and link, per request, yeah (alright)
Send a pin, drop it in, GPS (yah, yeah)
Seein' flashes, oh nah-nah, that's my neck (yah, it's lit)
I been livin' paranoid, watch yo' step (yeah, yeah)
Ain't never freein' up, an' never let y'all, man
We always forgive, but don't forget easily (oh, no) Californication, might redefine new renovations
Space coupe back out of the space station
If it rise on the east, land on the west
We gon' make that shit pop, bust it for a check
Call the plays, link the squad, we gon' make a catch
We gon' go NFL, we gon' intercept...

It's between you and me, you and me
[?] and now you rude to me, rude to me
Telling me there ain't no unity, unity
God I told you it was two of me, two of me
Now you see the other side like a double-edged sword
Actin' like I'm Darth Maul but this ain't no Star Wars
Looking back on everything, this ain't what you asked for
I be posted like your main really on my main [?]
Now you out the....