Owl Pharaoh cover

Uptown Paroles

Travis Scott

Album Owl Pharaoh

Paroles de Uptown

Featuring A$AP Ferg

I'm riding up uptown
I'm a motherfucking monster
One hand on the wheel one hand on my dick
I'm a motherfucking monster
You riding up uptown
One hand on the wheel one hand my dick

(Verse 1: Travis Scott)
At the green light I'm speedin'
Fourth wheel on, I'm weavin'
I got red eyes and swag seizures
All my concerts fillin' them bleachers
Ooh girl with this camo on, they can't see us
Tossed in a little more dank
And a little more drank then laflame might lean with the candy top
Fuck around, make the Latinas pop
It's a new world order
Never had my head on my shoulders
Beware of the monsters
Think of what your preacher told yah
La Flame 500 degrees
From the uptown to the magnolia
I'm a motherfucking monster
One hand on the wheel

(Verse 2: Travis Scott)
Damn you gorgeous
Tell me somethin' I don't know
Dice on the corner with the lights low
Got the base in my sock, fuck the 5-0
Damn you conscious
Gon' get your head off the plate though
Lemme show you lil of myoto
Take a little lick of the mayo
Out on 135th
Spendin' them pesos
Tell my nigga Fergie Ferg keep the back locked
Cause we got a little bit of tango
Real nigga
From the south to the east they feel a nigga
Nigga wax as a nigga get a wait
Take a little taste, leave you numb feelin' in the face
I'll pass if that pint ain't sealed
I'll make your weak inhale
XX know that we gon' die for this
And probably keep it trill
Chain links, by nigga
Popular demand nigga
My bitch falls in the clam nigga
She can ride the dick no hands

(Bridge 2: Travis Scott)
While I'm ridin' uptown
I'm a motherfuckin' monster

(Verse 3: A$AP Ferg)
It's that young Fergestein though, little Frankenstein
Motherfucker lookin from your line, you should stay in line
Can I take? I bring it down, I take yo shine
Let me take yo bitch, hit it from the back, I’ll break her spine
I’m a liaty, yo bitch look like she need me
More jealous, so cold, feel like Tommy getting his payday
Throwing up like your play thing
Bitches thinkin I’m crazy
My fraternity is the burner hear
I’m a dapper nigga with the AK
Barkin loud like cute dogs
Grooving niggas like you hogs
Pussy niggas so rude point
Pussy’s getting tight like blue balls

I'm riding up uptown
I'm a motherfucking monster
I'm riding up uptown
Hand on my dick