Paroles de House

The gaps between us are becoming more apparent
I still think about the way you used to look at me
Train wired cross like graphs overhead
Sun on my skin from the window shining in
Small red house living in my bloodstream
A home for the ghosts that live there
Welcome and happy, strange blue cold
You say I'm heartless, I say I'm safe for good

I pass your house
Driving downtown
You're never home

Getting beat up on your way home from grade school
Walk fast with your hands where they can be seen
You're a statue of David in a rainstorm
Jesus Christ, there are so many people in the world
Tie a knot to keep from falling
Pulling my hair back cause you like my neck
Have you been sleeping enough lately?
Sometimes, I hate you but you know I care

We're older now
You might find out
You tore my mouth
You wore me down