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Sordid City Paroles

The Klopeks

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Paroles de Sordid City

Night, no cab in sight,
I pick myself up, stumble to the bus stop in the rain.
Here, way too much beer,
I close my eyes and all the pain inside came back again.

Dreaming of the sea,
Just you and me
Out by The Ocean.
We could be set free
If we could flee,
Free from this Sordid City.

I remember times
Behind those pool dives all our dreams were realised 'til the dawn.
You were wearing blue
Out in the car park, huddled in the cold dark all night long...

Now, our fire's died down,
We don't know how
To make our hearts burn.
Cold, our love grows old,
Our lives are sold,
Sold to this Sordid City.

Wake from your sleeping,
Wake from your weeping,
Love could be your and mine.
Deep like The Ocean,
Pure as emotion,
Now 'til the end of time.