Paroles de The Great Fire

Cubs make fires on the edge of the golf course
But there’s more of them than us now
And they have come to settle scores
So there’s bound to be altercations
On the B-road where they don’t fly the union flag
Back to the seaside the dream
About 6pm
The North Pier
The lead stare
The deep dead laughter of the yellow stars
Rapturous waves
Rapturous waves

This tram is for Stargate
Next stop Uncle Toms Cabin
With the bloody nuts
And the dark forces and girls

Is 15 milligrams
A way to a dream you can never touch?
Lips like a Zeppelin
Sticky brown Chinese, coke and a dummy
Metal detector
Blue skies
Joyous waves Greenbelt, pleasant land
Fills the smoky room
With the headlamp fairy lights
Suit clad purple tinsel
Karaoke knave Tuesday night
At Tiffanys
Six cocktails nursed
A million ways back to the sea