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Nineteen Seventeen Paroles

The Good, The Bad And The Queen

Album Merrie Land

Paroles de Nineteen Seventeen

I see myself moving backwards
In time today
From a place we can't remain
Close to anymore
My heart is heavy
Because it looks just like my home
Pylons rapeseed fields
Powdered skies and trees alone
Thousands of white crosses in a cemetery
I freeze the frame from a passing train

Are you still there or am I losing you?
And every moment lost
Is telling to my heart
Puts me on the form
For silent treatment from the forces above
Our dependence on new gods
Because I'm just passing through
On this battlefield
Where we played our games
And went insane

And we waltzed around the world
As though we were off our heads
And I say why
Why are we not brought to book And as I come up again
I leave a little bit of England
In a field in France