La Carotte Bleue cover

Jardin Du Luxembourg Paroles

The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger

Album La Carotte Bleue

Paroles de Jardin Du Luxembourg

Though you can't intimidate the trees
A snowman sweating in a terrible breeze
Put on your new pants move out to France

All the skeletons in your closet
Are rummaging through your clothes
Looking through your shoe boxes and pockets
Gum wrappers and dumb love notes
People say your brain is like cream cheese
Takes the shape of anything you please
The dust from the trails under your fingernails

The leaves in the Luxembourg Garden
Are showing their true colors
They're blushing they're begging your pardon
'Cuz time's a jealous lover
I recall the first time
That you passed me by
And I saw my demise
In your stained glass eyes

Canary singing through the calico teeth
Everything's exactly what it seems