The Way I Feel cover

The Colour Of Day Paroles

Remy Shand

Album The Way I Feel

Paroles de The Colour Of Day

Was I ever right
In wantin' to lay down beside, all the dreaming
I think that I'll stand up with all my might
And take my chances
All the while, all the while
You're bitter sweet and full of favors
Just beggin' ta take the chance
In a way, I was demandin'
Glad that I'm grounded
Cause all I ever wanna be, is free

No safer than sorry (hey y)
No plans to ignore it
I'm keepin' this glory
Like the colour of the day

And I recognize,
The price that must be paid, for salvation
You know that I want-ya ta figrure out
Just what you started in lookin'
When, it ain't no backseat praise to putya under
Do you feel when it's safe to say
How your childhood was all over
Now that you've grown up
You've gone and thrown it all away