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Uncertain Tensions Paroles


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Paroles de Uncertain Tensions

Tomorow is another day, I would be fine
But I'm tired of being last in line
Please tell me now, before I find out, for myself
I wish that I could walk away, but I have to stay
Wish tomorrow was another day
But its not, I'm all cought up

I feel so alone
I sit by the phone
Always wondering why you never really wanted to call
I said I'm sorry
I don't mean maybe
I just wanted you to know
If you wanted to stay
I would have walked away
Please let me now
Where I should go

Tomorrow was another day, and we could wait
I don't see why, we waste our time
If you wanted to know my thoughts, then we could have talked
You're out of line, and out of time

Tomorrow is another day, so we can wait
And I dont mind, waste your time
Tomorrow was another day, that we could wait
And I dont mind, waste your time