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Shorty Swing My Way Paroles

KP & Envi

Album Other

Paroles de Shorty Swing My Way

Verse 1

I step off in a club
on a Friday night

Lookin for a man

that'll do me right

1st move that I made was

on the dance floor

broke it down one time

then I went for more

here's the code

action whats happening now

Start scouting blending through the crowd
it was him again I'm gone have to say

Chorus (2x's)

Shorty Swing my way

Sure look good to me

now would you please

swing my way

Shorty swing my way

(swing it over here shorty)

(Up tempo chorus)

Verse 2

I got off da flo

trying to find this man

loooking all around

doing all I can

damn he sure look fine

by the end of tonight

he's gonna be mine

I thought to myself

he couldn't have gone far

then I saw him again standing by the bar

so far everything is going my way

Now later find him I'm gonna have to say

Chorus (2x's)

Verse 3

Gotta get up the nerves

to get my swerve on

Gotta do it fast or

he'll be gone

cause it'll be ... just my luck

that somebody else will scoop him up

can't have that

wanna be that girl that

finds herself a perfect match

didn't wanna come off being too fly

Gotta make contact eye to eye


(Slowly) :

then I walked up to him slowly

said I know you don't know me

but this might be my only

shot at a tenderoni

(up tempo)

he told me

that we can do this

cause a girl like you

I can't resist

got straight to the point

no time to play

didn't need no game

just had to say

Chorus (2x's)

Bridge (2x's)

I'll hold you tight

all through the night

Anything that you want

I'll keep it crunk

boy you're gonna see

how good it can be

just come to me



I've been watchin you

from across the room

I wanna know you're name

can you swing my way


swing my way

swing my way ...............