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Iditarod Paroles


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Paroles de Iditarod

Littered with realism, marred by objectivity, acquire

Commited to seeing the inside, getting close to the edges by getting by.
More distance, abstract space created by real mood swings over grated intentions, over innocent wishes, over years of learning.
Average birth weight over fresh steps toward a lifetime of confrontation. Bare walls glowing by the dull electric glow. The genius raped by the entrepeneur
The genius raped by the entrepeneur.
The passerby by the opportunist.
Is this what we've been reduced to?

The encoded interpretation of messages sent: people observed; and conclusions anew with each breath has left me overwhelmed.
The imagination is internal... and just as active as in the days of my youth.
And I am still young, not 90, not near death.
Only too occasionally willing to sacrifice the whole collective... to the collective whole.
It's hard to be reread by anyone else, easily facts can be assumed and possessed.
Unfortunately actions need more than time to be born of ambition.
In between two legs... and two legs walking faster, is 3 feet of space.
In that space cartharsis is substitute for sleep; but exhaustion and restrain endure;
and a net, however crumbling, lay watch, feigning protection and security... over the observer.