Mars / Venus cover

I Got Love (Scars) Paroles

Koffee Brown

Album Mars / Venus

Paroles de I Got Love (Scars)

I got love for ya'll
Don't think I'm a hater
Cause most of my songs
Are talkin' bout that drama
I'm just wipin' scars
For me and all my niggaz
But this one's for ya'll,
This one's for my ladies that
Hold me down
And don't get all offended
Of my rugged mouth
Well ya'll know what the deal is
Don't be buggin' out
When I call ladies bitches
If you know you not one
But if you are take it offensive

By the time you've heard this I'm
Sure you formed your own opinion
But have you really listened
To all of my lyrics
And gotten past the swearin'
I know the only reason that you're
Hearin' me
Is ya man, can't stop playin' my CD I can't apologize, cause they like my flow
I'm just tryina keep it straight real for my dogs
And I ain't never lie
I got no love for hoes

You're lookin' good but I can't flirt
You're about degradin' women
Leavin' females hurt
You talk about us like we're worth
Nothin' nigga
We're the ones who's coppin records
Chicks these days'll leave a dick in a ditch
On some independant shit
Straight flip
Like who you callin' a bitch!
Respect who mother ya kids
(I do)

Do you kiss your mother with the mouth
You use
To call me out my name
(Girl it's not that deep
Don't hate the playa, hate the game
I still got love for!)

Honey's and ho's
Dimes to zero's
Birds chickens, skirts and pigeons
Every last women or lover
Daughter or mother
Look you copped my shit
I got nothin' but love for ya!

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