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Paroles de Your Compromise

All the times in your life
You think about dividing things
You don't make no compromise
There's just right or wrong
You see the difference
But there is also analogy
Bad guys aren't always the other ones
Sometimes they stand in our own rows

If it's not good it's always bad
If it's not right it's always wrong
If it's not black it's always white
If it's not sun it's always rain
There are also other ways
Please just open your eyes
Don't ignore your opportunities
And try to find your compromise

You have your opinion
Your point of view is always best
Listen to what other people say
Maybe you hear something interesting
Still have a chance to realise
There is more than black and white
Try to find your compromise
Try to find your, try to find your If it's not right, if it's not right, it's always wrong, always wrong