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He Walked on the Water Paroles

Kissed Her Little Sister

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Paroles de He Walked on the Water

He walked on the water, he walked on the water.
He swam in the water, and he drank all the water.
She's the farmer's daughter, the farmer's daughter.
And oh how I love her so much.
As for the farmer, as for the farmer,
how I respect all his wishes.
As for the fishes, down in the water,
they keep my company all night,
and they swim around my body,
as I sink down to the bottom.
He's the king fisher, and oh how I miss her.
Oh Maria, my love.
You're such a good friend, you're such a good friend.
We swam to deep end, oh no,
and they swam around my body,
as I sank down to the bottom.
Savonarola, Savonarola, Savonarola, you burn,
down into ashes, down into ashes,
into the river you went.
And so I followed, and so I followed
into the shallow water.
Fish by a farmer, king of the farmers
the farmer's daughter, my love.