Bravado cover

Family Home Paroles

Kirin J Callinan

Album Bravado

Paroles de Family Home

In the family home
Your sister held her head in her hands
You should know
That's how we became friends
Your sister and I held our heads in the sand
Hiding from your old man
It's different now but it wasn't then
She's a good friend

The family home
Ice cream cone
Plasma screen
By the downstairs' phone
(By the phone)
Like a girl's best friend
(Like a girl's best friend)
(By the phone)
Sharing a bed with my girl's best friend
Then her leg brushed my hand
It's funny now but it wasn't then

She's a good friend
(In the family home)
She's a real good friend
(In the family, in the family home)
"Hi, I can't take your call now, so please leave a message, and I'll call back soon"
"Get ready to leave a detailed message after the tone, when you are finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options"

In the family home
Your father held his breath in this abandon
He should know
He missed the afternoon's show
The sun rains down with the afternoon's glow
It's a lie that you know
He spent all those years in that light
And then it went all up