Down In A Hole cover

Gonna Die Paroles

Kiefer Sutherland

Album Down In A Hole

Paroles de Gonna Die

Move over man, I'm carrying a heavy load
I'm doing the best I can but I feel like I'll explode
Give me one more chance before I get too old
The ground that I'm sleeping on is getting too damned cold

And I'm gonna die
'Cause I cannot cry anymore

Swimming through the water
And I dive down through the pain
Once I hit the bottom I will surface once again
I forgive me, can you forgive you
These words come from my heart, brother
And I swear that they are true

'Cause I'm gonna die
'Cause I cannot cry any more

It's dark tonight, too dark to see
But I can still remember the man I used to be
I once was strong but now I am weak
So Lord do me a favor come down here and get me