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Neon River Paroles


Album Strangeland

Paroles de Neon River

Well you were happy where you were
but that girl
this time was never good enough
’cause she was gone and see everything
and if you ever spoke of love
she just smile and put you down
’cause she was making all the plans
she had a vision of light and sound

She said the neon on the river will light my way
and all the things that we’ve been dreaming of a making them real one day
so save our money pack your bags
we better run before we disappear
she took the train into the city but you’re still here

You hear a song that takes you back
a song long for God tonight
and friends who said they hang your back
but they just turning round and let you fight
and I’ma balling ..all
you used all your smartest minds
but they can painted over now
looks like here gonna get behind

Chorus: she took the o the city but you stood still

You stood still about the tramp
you knew as you watched her go
that she wan never coming back
and start to places that you know
you said you scared if I and I go
where everyone else go


(Gracias a ROMINA por esta letra)