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Paroles de Prazer prazer

Prazer prazer

Prazer prazer

((Kaysha (Lucie @ Sony ATV music publishing)

hey rapariga, prazer prazer

e ti coniecer, prazer prazer

o prazer e todo meu, prazer prazer

e ti coniecer, prazer prazer

whats yo name, sarah sarah

prazer prazer, e ti coniecer

im kaysha kaysha, prazer prazer

e ti coniecer, o prazer e todo meu
it's hot in here let?s lick an ice cream

the sunshinin provide to much steam

u can tell yo girls we look playas playas

but we cool, so lets make connection

aint no erection, just nice electrons

lets cool down and natural selection

hey singer, whats yo nickname

kika, its a pleasure

i measure, the treasure

im ready for, jungle fever

call me, we work a good song

i work for free, if its a feel strong

i dont work, for bimbos

u came for the ice u get the timbos

dont get fool by the fellas fellas

dont listen to the story tellaz

come in my crew make scrilla scrilla

all we lookin for dollars dollars

now rokaway, lean back(2 meas)

hand claps (2 meas)

now rockaway, lean back(2meas)

Hand clap (2 meas)