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Paroles de I?m ready

I'm ready



Written, produced and performed by:

Lorenzo ?Kaysha? Raphael for Organized Bambino Entertainment, inc.

Background vocals by Alexandra Juniel

These rhimez ready, the peeps waiting for the ding dong

Punch like King kong, I'm Felix Savon

Technique, unique, specificity of Cuba

Everybody know me from here to Costa Rica

What I'm representin? is a pocket full of rhimes
U swinces, mad cuz I still get mines

Put those Nike on sunday, please crowds like Wemblay

Crush emcees and I smile like sunny days

I got honeys sayin? ouh yeah, we wanna party

Winter or summer days, I got it anyway

Everytime, you want a rhime, you know I'm ready

All the peeps wanna play but who?s gonna pay

for the party, uh uh, not me

Get in the swimming pool, and get loose like fools

Imma check 2, the hooney boos you make the BBQ

Not a criminal, I'm respectable, delicious

Marvelous, sexable, my style?s based on syllables

Numero uno, my crew that?s uno

Chico, ill crew universal, you know

Playing big willies but never been to West Indies

In fact you tinnies, with a small penis

You took a sample, loop it on track, with no

Work on it, rap on it,get Gs on it

I feel no pleasure when I hit u with the bullet

Satisfaction comes when you perish with the rhime set

Kill by the gun then u die by the gun

Soon or later, I'll die by the Rhime

Everytime, you want a rhime, you know I'm ready