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((Kaysha (Lucie @ Sony ATV music publishing)

i need a girlfriend and she better understand

I'm a musiquarian I'm a classic stalion

A girlfriend, and I likem? with stylin?

A body that?s blazin? a cheek that?s smilin

Girlfriend, i could be ur dada

lay u down seven days in la semana

girlfriend, i dont mean to be rude

if u in the mood i could be yo dude

I like it, your body
come in my life

I need a girlfriend with a body like whoa

Designer fabrics, classy like whoa

A girlfriend, and she got what i need

she knows how feel, she there when i bleed

Girlfriend, i know i look like a playa

still i got sweetness in my layers

Girlfriend, i wanna tell my pretty mama

u the one u the world u my nana

I like it, your body

the way u, dancin? for me

I need it, when u feenin

come in my life

hey girl, shake all yo mama gave ya

i?m tryin to not focus on yo chocha