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Pussycat Moan Paroles

Katie Webster

Album Other

Paroles de Pussycat Moan

So many days, since you've been away
I often think of you my sweet baby
I think of you both night and day
But some day, someday my sweet baby
You won't be no trouble, you won't worry my life anymore
But, baby, you just goin around spending my money
Chasing every single woman in town
But listen man, if you knew didn't want my lovin
Why the hell would you stop, stop and put my dollars down

You know that is the one thing, the main thing baby
That could get you a lifetime home in the ground

But, baby, why'd you tell my best friend that you didn't want me, Nore?
But I know that's a lie because every time I turn my back
You're trying to sneak back into my back door
And I'm telling you, I'm warning you if you don't stop all that jive
And stop trying to be so high classed
Somebody's gonna shoot you right dead in your....

I can't understand
Why don't you just pack your bags
Don't you see I don't need you no more
Because my other man is just waitin
For you to step out of that front door Aint gonna be your pussycat no more